Hello, I'm Ryan Singer

I was born and raised in Laguna Beach, California

I work in both Art & Architecture

I am continuing the design excellence started by my late father Mark Singer



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On Architecture:

I have convictions about design

inspired by my father ... 

ideas under constant refinement

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"Good Design"

On Color concept and integration of color into the home design of a Mark Singer design. He and my mom used to pick up rocks at the beach and would come up with color concepts for many of the older Mark Singer homes.

We had many talks about color. I later influenced his thoughts on color after I worked a few years for SOM and came up with my own color theory for architecture. You can see that influence in the later years of his work as it progressed.


"Singer Design"

I've always enjoyed working with my father's office. I started working with him in high school ... all the way till the end

Continuing the legacy as SINGER architecture


more to follow .....


Coffee talk with Kevin Kent

That was fun

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