Laguna Beach, CA




Mark Singer, Award-Winning Architect




Myriam Singer - Peruvian

Ryan Singer was born on August 19, 1973 in Laguna Beach, California and started sketching ideas for rockets, cars, homes at the age of 5. His parents, Mark and Myriam, brought him up with art, culture and design. Mike Martin, the Dean of the School of Architecture at Calpoly, SLO recognized his talent during a summer architecture workshop. During his years at College Ryan was recognized by his professors as excelling in design; a 2nd year teacher placed him in a design competition competing amongst 3-4th year students. He was selected to represent the school in a nationwide competition. Privately a professor who studied under the famous Louis Kahn was brought to tears by a simple yet elegant design solution. One professor who was known for practicality in design (rarely giving high grades) had congratulated Ryan privately and he earned an A+. Ryan remains dedicated to design and focuses attention at looking at life through the lens of design.

Ryan and his late father, Mark Singer, enjoyed a lifelong relationship based on their shared love for architecture. Mark is recognized by America Institute of Architects for residential architecture in Orange County. Under Mark’s teaching, he brought Ryan to a high level of understanding construction and architecture. They also enjoyed woodworking, traveling, discussions on other shared interests: music, poetry, art, movies, books, writing, cars and travel. 

His mother Myriam is from Lima, Peru and infused a spiritual side devoted to humanity. 

Ryan enjoys cooking, yoga, and painting


California Polytechnic State University, 

San Luis Obispo

Bachelor of Architecture ’97

Dean’s list ’97


ČVUT V Praze, Czech Rep.

Prague Study abroad Program 

Studied under 3 Professor/ Architects ’93


Thesis topic

Museum of Installation Art, Los Angeles


Case Study

“Slick Like Vinyl” Gallery Design, 

University Art Gallery ‘97


2nd Interest

Graphic Design



SOM Foundation’s Interior Design Traveling

Fellowship Program ’97 


Steven Anderson Competition 

2nd Place Design Excellence ’96


Robert Hifumi Odo Memorial 

Scholarship Participation by Nomination ’93



Thesis Project  in ‘Scale Transitions: 

Detailing Prior to Design’: JAE February ‘98


Furniture Designs  in ‘In Focus’: 

Architectural Review of AIA OC Fall ‘96