What I'm Doing Now

Week 20

Welcome, you’re on my Now page

I learned so much listening to the discussion discussion between Rich Roll and Michael Gervais and thought to add this to my NowPage because they are really discussing being present. Sometimes we are in a state which isn't a high or low, but maybe even just a little mediocre. Not all moments in life are riding on a high, doing what you love. Presence is key to holding a yoga pose, snowboarding, and designing a piece of architecture and it's also those in between moments. That inner voice is always running and it's one we can tune into. That inner dialogue is mentioned in this TED Talk something you can develop. That said, my week is focused on these things:



Aquiring Grading permit for Monarch Beach

Design options for Laguna Beach project

Starting CD's for La Sur Project


Potential Project:

3D rendering for Baja Project


Free time:

Practice sketching

Cooking veggies + Raw veggies

Quiet time


Dog walks

Drinking more water

... and always more enjoying, laughing, loving :)


Wishing you all a wonderful week,