Too busy ... and it's ok

My girlfriend called earlier and we were catching up since we've been a little too busy to see each other recently and we both laughed when I said "I'm too busy for my #nowpage." LOL. Yes, it happens. So instead of planning my week, I'm writing this. I am focused to the point of not doing much else but work. Coincidentally today's Goop podcast episodeis titled "Super Woman Syndrome" and I suggest giving it a listen because there are ideas which apply to all who work hard. 

You can let yourself go into work mode as long as you plan safe resting points. Cutting out play time isn't bad if the nature of what you're doing is more production style work. I've been in this busy zone with construction documents, coordination, research, emails, etc and have enhanced my focus by keeping music off, and staying with the hum of anxiety.

Keep a few limits. You have to run on the realization that you can burn yourself out so a biggie for me is no all-nighters. In the past I've done it like typical Architecture School style, but it leaves me  feeling like a dead weight the next day. All-nighters are not an option. Alcohol is also a big no because it slows me down to the point that I'm useless. To take micro breaks is better. Luckily with mobile devices and the cloud work is centralized, enabling one to change places of work. Sometimes I'll get up and continue dictating into my phone or tablet.. I have the older iPad Pro with a Smart Keyboard which is good for typing while not at my stationary desk where I work on a larger iMac. Water! it's great to stay hydrated while in the zone and I like to have one humongous pitcher with a handle that I fill up once and go. The large size ensure me that I got enough water for the day. 

A big part of keeping a good work pace is trading off any things you think are staples (many of which are in our head); we just don't need as much so stay light, be ok with the difficulty and stay focused. There are a few musts such as family responsibilility, health, nutrition and sleep. You don't want to work yourself to death.. Plan for your soft landing spot. I am looking forward to the weekend with my kids.