What I'm Doing Now

Week 19

This looks a little different if you have visited the NowPage in the past. I decided to give personal info a special place and let it develop as it wishes. Eventually there will be more than "What I'm Doing"


Welcome, you’re on my Now page

I’m currently in my home in Laguna Niguel. This is my focus for the week:


Things I’m working on:

Construction documents for a full residence in Monarch Beach. It's a team effort and so there's slack I'm taking up to help ease the load on others

Ground breaking a few weeks away

Working on corrections for the City of Laguna Beach. My clients added to the scope of the project and it's subject for Design Review

Changed marketing and decided I was getting a little too personal with my social media (ie. showing pics of my kids)


Things to keep me healthy:

Fasting. I'm focused on starting around 10-11ish each day. To do get the 16 hours of fasting in and keep this start time it means stopping eating around 6-7pm which isn't hard. watch out for snacking urges though

Yoga. I've been doing it since 2000 and prefer a good hard class over going to the gym

Sleep. Trying to get 8 hours, waking earlier

Morning Walks with Sofi (dog)

I’ve been enjoying BrainOn and Fish Oil and recommend this for those of you who forget where you put your keys. You can get BrainOn at Thrive Juice Lab


I hope this page inspires you in some way. Drop me a quick line, I'd love to hear from you