I love homes. They are sacred, personal spaces. a home touches our heart. homes are spaces of ritual; celebrating nature, structure, technology, time and space. You can also think of a home as series of personal events; sleep/wake, bathe, eat, entertain, relax, learn, evolve & love


Signature design

Singer is devoted to creating signature homes to nurture you & your family. The creative approach is centered around you and how you & your family function on daily basis; lasting into the future. Singer is not about a style, or a material palette, but about discovering what is unique about your preferences to form a tailored solution which serves your needs now and into the years to come

Good design is a matter of balancing the essential in a deliberate thoughtful solution which stands the test of time. I am devoted to inspiring and educating you during the process from inception to realization. The ultimate compliment is the delight of the client


The best form of communication to get acquainted initially is email. I check email at least once a day and go through it thoroughly and eventually I respond to each email. Please send a message via the contact form below and get in touch with me



About me

I’ve been a sole practitioner since I opened up my design studio in July of 2001. Previously, I worked for Lorcan O’herlihy and before that SOM in NYC. I graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from Calpoly San Luis Obispo and had worked intermittently for my father Mark Singer (July 31, 1948 -September 17, 2015) who was an award winning architect in Laguna Beach. We had a lifetime dialogue about our passion for architecture as he had exposed me to architecture at a very young age and I’m forever thankful. I grew up loving to sketch homes since the age of 6. The very first home I drew was cylindrical that rotated to take advantage of the sun and views to nature. I live & work from my home in Laguna Niguel with my dog Sofi

Ryan Singer  -  Designer

Ryan Singer - Designer

Sofi  -  Mascot + Friend

Sofi - Mascot + Friend