"Good Design"

A home should belong to it's surroundings. Materials blend into hills, mountains, chaparral, of our coastal area.

I remember my mother and father would pick up rocks at the beach and put beautiful combos together. It's this playing with the colors of the site which makes for a beautiful palette. 

I worked for SOM in New York and continued to evolve thoughts on color and materials. My inspirations and dialogue of my inspiration is seen in my father's later works and you can see the evolution of his work throughout his career. 

Ideas continue to be evolving on a continual basis. What lights me up is a new project with a whole new set of parameters where I get to shine as I create; my favorite thing to do.


"Singer Design"

I've always enjoyed working with my father. I started working with him back in high school and continued working with him throughout his life. We made many pieces of furniture in the woodshop. 

There was a constant dialogue about design. Everything we talked about always came back to fundamentals of what makes anything good. Whether it is about a book, beautiful cities, food, movies, music, a play, and of course Architecture everything comes back to simple elements: the idea of structure, form, and honesty of materials.